All About Short Legged Jack Russells

Short Legged Jack RussellsThe short legged Russells are short, solid, muscled, compact and balanced dogs. They differ from the long legged Russells mostly because of their shorter legs. The life span of this dog is approximately 15 years. The male weighs around 12 to 17 pounds while the female one weighs about 10 to 15 pounds. The Jack Russells have different fur types that is smooth fur which is short about 1 to 1.5 cm long, rough fur which is thicker, rougher, shaggy and longer approximately 10 cm long, broken fur which is a combination of rough and smooth types of fur. They have a tail of approximately 4 to 7 inches. The Russells are usually determined as they can stare at something for a long time waiting to see whether it will move. They are also fearless and they seem to enjoy themselves more especially when they are accompanied.

The short legged Jack Russells like to run, dig, bark and chew especially when they get bored. They dig mostly to remove chipmunks, snakes, and moles in the garden. Since they like to play a lot it’s important to buy them toys example soccer and tennis balls, Frisbees and hockey pucks to play around with them. They are easy to train as they learn quickly and they are also very intelligent. They are very friendly and loyal to people and other household pets. They are also rodent hunters and they are overprotective of their territory and the people surrounding them. They are so brave and they believe they are bigger than their size so they can challenge anything even if the opponent is bigger than them.

The Jack Russells are not necessarily aggressive and mostly they don’t start a fight, however when a fight break they don’t give up easily. They like strengthening their teeth by pulling socks and towels. They need a kennel to protect them especially during the cold nights as they can catch cold especially those with smooth and short fur.

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