How To Pick Jack Russell Puppies Correctly

Jack Russell PuppiesUrbanized in England about 200 years back to track foxes, the Jack Russell, is a clever, intelligent and lively little dog. He’s very affectionate and charming, but also a handful to manage and train. However, if you wish to buy a puppy and grow into a big dog, there are a few tips you must follow to buy the right one. These tips are associated with standards set by the Terrier club for people who wish to buy Jack Russell puppies initially.

Know the kind of personality qualities Jack Russell puppies must possess: As a terrier, the puppy should be active, lively and alert. The puppy’s disposition also must be happy and fearless. Steer clear of puppies that seem sluggish, weak or disinterested.

Check the animal’s body build: The puppy must have a solid and sturdy body build. Even as a little puppy, the animal’s length and height must be in ratio with each other, and the puppy should seem well-balanced too.

Look at the shape of the head, which must be flat: The puppy’s head must narrow up to the eyes and of average width at his ear. The animal’s nose must be black in color and his jaw must have sturdy cheek muscles. The eyes must be black to dark brown and almond-shaped. The puppy’s ears fall close to the head and become V-shaped. According to the dog’s standards, his top jaw must partly cover the lower jaw a little.

Puppy’s body and coat appearance: Last but not least, Jack Russell puppies have smooth coats with no lean spots. They have clean necks with muscular lines and broadens steadily at their shoulders. When choosing a puppy, check that his shoulder slant and the front legs are straight and muscular with his joints aligned. You should also look for a strong, straight rear and a slightly arched loin.

A Jack Russell is not an ideal dog in households with young kids. As playful and lively as they are, a Jack Russell will not stand even inadvertent mistreatment. Moreover, all Jack Russells shed, thus ensure to give them a bath frequently and thoroughly.

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