Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Short Jack Russells

Short Jack RussellsDogs have been man’s closest friend since time in memorial, one of the most favorite dog breed is the Short Jack Russells. These animals are considered ideal for pets, as they are full of life and quite easy to train. Typically, Jack Russell breeds will grow to an average of fourteen inches and weigh up to seventeen pounds.

The dogs can easily be noticed with their small floppy years, short legs with oversized paws and a short tail. Most of them are usually white with a brown spot on the side or on the back. They have a short snout and a narrow set of eyes plus short hair.

Short Jack Russell History

The Short Jack Russells got its origin in England, in the 19th century; they were used for hunting and burrowing to the holes of fox or even dens. Since then, they have been used for hunting because they are hardy and loyal.

A Must know about the Jack Russell

Since the dogs are white, you need to maintain a high level of cleanliness to avoid portraying a negative image. Additionally, they have a thick fur, which needs to be groomed regularly. Giving them a regular brushing will be of much help and they young puppies will soon grow into a glooming health coat.

Tips for Jack Russell Puppy Training

When you get the puppy, first consider the place to house it, the most ideal position is usually in the backyard or a room not regularly frequented. Giving him the idea that a certain position belongs to it help to reduce the level of accidents,

Encouraging your puppy to socialize is also of much importance. An exposed puppy is likely to be hardy. It can easily bear any kind of situation that comes its way. Furthermore, it helps expose him to various dangers thus he does not have to be frightened and will soon grow to be a confident Short Jack Russell puppy.

During teething, it is important to provide him with items that he can chew or he will get them for himself. To avoid it from going to get your items of value, getting a raw hide or having sticks around will help to put it out of danger.

A puppy is a kind of asset promising to bring change to your life, taking great care of it should be given a top priority.

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