Jack Russell Breeders

Introduction to Jack Russell Breeders

Jack Russells are bold, happy, intelligent, loyal, assertive and energetic dogs. These traits mean that they are not dogs for everyone. They are active and enjoy jobs that engage them fully and push them to the limits. Therefore, they can do well in investigating, hunting, racing, hiking, barking and digging jobs among other informal canine activities.

Jack Russell breeders are in two coat types; broken and smooth. The only difference between the broken and the smooth coat is the top coat length and presence or absence of furnishings such as the long hair on extremities. Additionally, one type is longer than its height. It stands at 10 to 12 inches at the shoulders.

How to choose Jack Russell Breeders

Jack Russell BreedersGetting a good breeder is the first step towards having the right puppy and enjoying your stay with it. Below are factors you should consider when finding a breeder.

Ready to answer questions: a good breeder should be willing to answer all your questions regarding the health, temperament and nature of the dogs. They should be familiar with the history of the dogs, emerging issues and tell you why it is the preferred pet for many people. Jack Russell dogs are known to have some genetic health problems. Your breeder should tell you about them and most importantly, tell you how the health complications can be prevented.

Match you with the right puppy: a breeder understands the different types of puppies and their traits. Therefore, he/she should match you with the right puppy through asking you questions about the type of dog you want.

Long-term relationship: good Jack Russell breeders maintain long-term relationships with their customers. A breeder should suggest/offer to be your information source throughout the dog’s life. The need to maintain a long-term relationship means that they are confident you will love the dog.


Jack Russell puppies are fun but require more effort and time as they grow. Older dogs are less stressing since they trained to be less destructive and active.

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