Your Jack Russell and You – What You Need to Know

This dog was established some 200 years ago in England for purposes of hunting foxes. Jack Russellchristmas jack russell puppy lisa 2 Terrier is a full of life, lovely, intelligent and self-governing small size dog. He is also attractive and full of love but requires a lot of training and a lot energy to manage.

Jack Russell History

Parson John Russell is the man behind the developed of dog Jack at southern England some 200 years ago. The dog breed was named after him. Russell was thinking of developing a laboring Terrier who would go out hunting and chasing after foxes with the other dogs. By 1930s Russell Terrier was known all over the U.S.A and was becoming a favorite dog to most of the sportsmen especially those who hunted on horseback. A lot of opinions about Jack Russell abilities, looks and whether he should remain a working dog or enter into competitions were coming up.

How Big will Your Jack Russell Be?

Russell Terrier differ in sizes because different kinds are used for different purpose on different geographical areas. The dogs’ height vary from ten to fifteen inches to the shoulder level and weigh as from 13 to 17 pounds. Jacks whose height range from 10 to 12 inches and longer than they are tall are called the Shorty Jacks.

How will Your Jack Russell Act?

A Jack Russell carries a lot of personality in his small size bodies. He is full of love, attractive all through, and completely full of life and enjoys what it offers at a particular moment. Given the opportunity, Jack will delight his self by roaming all over the streets and jumping over fences. His determined and outgoing character however makes him very difficult to train. Stay active with continued different training activities. Jack is very social to human beings but can go very hard to other dogs and other animals mostly if they look like a prey to him, especially cats.

Keep Your Jack Healthy

Jack is generally healthy but like any other animal he is attacked by some diseases. Before purchasing a Jack Russell breed make sure that a clearance from a health firm confirms that his knees are okay and that his eyes are functioning normally. Consider a three year old dog because they are fully grown and mature and no diseases could be unnoticed.

Jack Russell Puppy Care

Jack Russell should stay home with the family. This is made easy because he is a lover of humans. It would be of great benefit to him if he has access to fenced area. The fence should be such that he cannot climb, dig beneath or jump over. Never use an electronic fence trying to keep jack around, rates of him getting a shock a high as he will chase everything that resembles a prey.

What and How to Feed Your Jack

Feed jack twice a day with 1 -2 cups of the best quality dog food. The quantity of food a dog takes depends on his size, age and activity just like human beings. Ensure that your Jack Russell does not grow obese, if you are unsure of his weight condition conduct an eye and hand test. Jack is in good weight bracket if you can see his waist and feel his ribs without having to press hard.

Jack Russell Grooming Techniques

Russell Terrier is in two coats: either smooth or broken. They possess a double coat with a course texture. Others have a rough coat which is quit longer than a course texture. Their coat is never curly no matter the type. The breed can be black, white with some black marks or tan marks, or possess the three colors (white, black, tan.)

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